Driving Growth for Rootlab: A Success Story

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About the project

Rootlab is an Australian mushroom supplies store specializing in mycology.


Rootlab’s primary struggle was with growth, which had ground to a halt, in addition to a lack of online visibility. Despite offering exceptional products and services, the target market was not generating a significant number of actionable sales leads.


Socifinite developed a customized digital marketing strategy to address Rootlab’s challenges. Utilizing our expertise, we implemented a comprehensive approach aimed at improving brand visibility and driving targeted traffic to Rootlab’s online store.

Rootlab - Ad Result - ROAS


As a result of our joint efforts with Rootlab, we achieved the following results:

  1. Unprecedented sales expansion: In just six months, sales increased by 10.65%, demonstrating the effectiveness of our methods in stimulating sales increases.
  2. Exceptional brand prominence: The Rootlab brand became widely recognized and close to target audience hearts, with high credibility and unprecedented strength, enhancing their pioneering position in the industry.
  3. Outstanding ROAS: Owing to the remarkable uplift based on Rootlab’s current position, our innovative digital marketing strategies have raised Rootlab ROAS to a staggering 10.65%.

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